Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Face Shop VS Skin Food

Is there any difference between the face shop and skin food? (Both of them are from korea.)

-SK products are more expensive than in general. (So i prefer TFS to SK after trying them.)

-SK is made from those fruits or vegetables. TFS is using natural ingredients and they are recyclable

-SK's packaging is nicer (more attractive? but I'm more interested on what's inside, not the outer shell)

-SK consider as middle range product in Korea. Wherelse TFS consider as low end in Korea.

Have you heard of "Elianto" ? It's a natural and organic skin product which is also from Korea.

There are few Korea brands as what I know... such as the face shop, skin food, elianto, missha, beauty credit and etc....

Lastly, why i like The Face Shop? Best customer service and quality of the products there is in the outlets...


  1. Hello,you should add some advertisement and details that link to your field. I think you can do it better and hope that in the future,you will add more interesting stuff and promotions!

  2. thx amber drop the comment for me...^^
    i will modify and add on some fuction as well...

  3. hello, i also like korean korean beauty product especialy elianto. the sutffa are cheap! ithink your heade picture a lil bit out of layout. maybe u shud try adjusting it. but dunno la because from my computer it looks too large too the side. because different computer got diff layout. so far i like the green color background. very fresh!=)

  4. yea,i oledi adjust the header pic ad...thx for reminding...^^

  5. Hi,
    pls. discuss about power peel.. thanks